Young Adults


The generation of DISCIPLES called to SERVE God by being LEADERS of His truth wherever we are positioned. To reach out to our generation by applying God's words in our lives, to be culturally relevant, and leading those in darkness into His light.

This is a special place for our young members to experience the love of God and care for one another according to Christian principles. Energized and vibrant, we meet regularly for fellowship and sharing of God’s word! We place strong emphasis on the spiritual growth and impart God’s values to our young adults so that they may be equipped with His truth.

Exciting and wonderful programs are organized for them to enjoy healthy fellowship as well as to develop their gifts and talents. Our programs include Bible study, training sessions, camps, outing and group games.


Young Adults Group!

Age group 22 - 35 years

Our Youth Group!

Age group 12 - 21 years

Over-seer: Reverend Charis Ong

  • YA I/C: Bro Robin Tan
  • Cell Group Leaders: Bro Robin Tan, Deacon Ivan Tay
  • Youth I/C (and Cell Group Leaders): Bro Teo Junting, Bro David Cheng