Praise & Worship

We are told in scriptures that the Heavenly Father is seeking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:22, 23). This ministry is a powerful and dynamic ministry which seeks to enhance the worship experience of our people. The main role of this ministry is to allow the Holy Spirit to use each individual of the ministry to facilitate, inspire and encourage all who come to our meetings, to enter into the holy presence of God.

The Worship Ministry consists of:

  • Worship Leaders
  • Worship Band (Musicians)
  • Back-up Vocalists
  • PA
  • Projectionists
  • Ushers

If you have a heart of worship and would like to serve God in any of these areas of ministries listed, we welcome you to join us!

I/C: Deaconess Agnes Tan 陈嘉佩执事

For more info, please contact: