Cell Groups


Our church sees the importance of discipleship, bible study and fellowship. We equip them to do good works through the channel of cell groups. As Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28: 19, “…to go and make disciples… teaching them to obey…”, we take every effort to encourage our members to join a cell group and be involved so that everyone is equipped with God’s Word.

Mandarin 华语成年 - I/C 负责 : Reverend Charis Ong 瑞梅牧师

Young Adults 少年 - I/C 负责: Bro Robin Tan 嘉豪弟兄 & Deacon Ivan Tay 郑福强执事

Youth Group 青少 - I/C 负责: Bro Teo Junting 张俊廷弟兄 & Bro David Cheng 郑馨宗

Combined Cell Groups Meeting - Held every quarterly


This is a combined effort to bring all the cell groups together in order that a greater fellowship could be achieved in our relationships. We hold games and activities to understand each other better, and to bring the word of God alive in our lives. Members and / or friends, who are without cell groups are also encouraged to join us!