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Pastoral Board

(L-R: Robin, Agnes, Esther, Grace, Reverend Charis, Elder George)

Reverend Charis Ong Swee Moi (Pastor In-charge) 

  • Founding Pastor
  • Full time Pastor since 2002
王瑞梅传道 的个人资料

  • 新亚学院(前身是亚洲神学中心)的神学文凭
  • 新亚学院的神学学士( 2002 )
  • 新亚学院的圣工硕士 ( 2004 )

Reverend Charis was involved in the worship and dance ministry in BMC. When Reverend Charis was still understudying in TCA, she was engaged in Changi Prison ministries for 1 year, and encouraging the prisoners with God's word. She has been to several mission trips to Thailand and Malaysia to preach the word of God. The Lord has called her to bring His healing to the nations in 2000. In 2003, she has started the healing services in FVC and has also been engaged to conduct healing services in West Malaysia (Seremban). She is a full-time Reverend in FVC, taking charge of administration, preaching, pastoring and equipping. She oversees the youth ministry and children sunday school.

  • Diploma in Theology (TCA College)
  • Bachelor of Theology (TCA College, 2002)
  • Masters of Arts in Ministry (TCA College, 2004)

 Elder George Tan Kim Bee
  • Founding Elder
  • Served in FVC since 2002

陈乔治长老 个人 资料



Elder George has been with an Established Financial Institution for almost 30 years, and was holding the position as Financial Services Director for a period of 16 years before retiring from management. He was involved in the Leadership and worship ministry at BMC. He has been to Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and Indonesia for mission trips, leaders and Pastors conferences. Elder George is currently the Chairman of the World Outreach Singapore Board. He is taking charge of worship leading, equipping, preaching and leading the English cell group in FVC.

They are married with 4 children: Robin, Agnes, Esther & Grace.